Luo Han Guo

About Luo Han Guo 

Luo Han Guo Tea is sweet but the sweet is not sugar. It can cure cough. People with diabetes can take it as daily drinks, or as sweetner replacing sugar.

Siraitia grosvenorii is an herbaceous perennial vine native to southern China and Northern Thailand. The plant is best known for its fruit, commonly called luo han guo or luo han kuo (from the Chinese luóhàn guǒ, 羅漢果, 罗汉果, sometimes printed lohoguo in Hong Kong

[1]), la han qua (from Vietnamese la hán quả), arhat fruit, Buddha fruit, or monk fruit. Botanical synonyms include Momordica grosvenorii and Thladiantha grosvenorii. The fruit is one of several that have been called longevity fruit.

[2] The species was named in honor of Gilbert Grosvenor.

The plant is cultivated for its fruit, used for cooling drinks and in traditional Chinese medicine. The fruit extract is nearly 300 times sweeter than sugar and has been used as a natural low-calorie sweetener in China for nearly a millennium to treat diabetes and obesity.

Ingredients:  1 cups water And 1 Luo Hang Guo


1. Clean Luo Han Guo. Crush into small pieces. Put in a teapot,add water.

2. Bring to a boil, turn to low heat, continue to cook 10mins.Turn off heat.

3. After finishing drinking, add additional water, repeat cooking 3-5 times. 

Serving Method: Serve as tea. Serve whenever you want to drink. At least drink one cup in the morning and in the afternoon. 

Beneficial Function: To moisten the lung and relieve cough. To reduce blood sugar and blood pressure. Suitable for diabetes caused by depletion-thirst in lung and stomach, especially those who have complication of hypertension.

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Luo Han Guo Herbal Tea,Chinese fruit,Siraitia grosvenorii Momordicae
  Name: Luo Han Guo Herbal Tea Other names:  Siraitia grosvenorii ..
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