Yong Chuan Xiu Ya Tea, Chongqing Yongchuan Xiu Bud Green Tea cha, 永川秀芽

Yong Chuan Xiu Ya Tea, Chongqing Yongchuan Xiu Bud Green Tea cha, 永川秀芽
Yong Chuan Xiu Ya Tea, Chongqing Yongchuan Xiu Bud Green Tea cha, 永川秀芽 Yong Chuan Xiu Ya Tea, Chongqing Yongchuan Xiu Bud Green Tea cha, 永川秀芽
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Name: Yongchuan Xiu Bud Chinese Green Tea

Other name: yongchuan xiu ya

Origin : Yongchuan Chongqing, China

Grade : Supreme, Limited in Quantity! 100% natural, no additives.

Rating : ★★★★★

Storage : stored in a dry place and no direct sunshine

PackagingWe will use sealed, tin-foil packaging. It can keep fresh a long time

Suggested Usage: Use between one and two teaspoons of leaves per cup of 75-85 degree water (167-185 fahrenheit) for up to 3-5 minutes.
Product Description

Yong Chuanxiu bud, originate in Chongqing city always plain area (former Sichuan is saved always plain county) . It is indicative beautiful and quiet and tastefully laid out Ba Shanshu water, also reflect the well-known tea distinguishing feature that gives show of lubricious emerald green form. The Xian Xie of Yong Chuanxiu bud, with " early Bai Jian " , "Na Jiang tea " wait thoroughbred for actor, the standard is one bud one leaf, requirement bud-leaf is complete, fresh, clean.  

historical origin

"Yong Chuanxiu bud " well-known tea contrives 1964, development of all previous classics, finalize the design and raise 3 level.

machine craft

Machine craft: With early spring 1 bud exhibits Xian Xie to be raw material at the beginning of 1 leaf, via killing blueness, knead twist, shake water, do, 5 working procedure machine stoving subtly and become. This tea service has an appearance to tighten straight, fine show, little benefit of colour and lustre is emerald green, bud-leaf wraps around fine long hair is shown sharp edge, soup color is dark green and clear, aroma is fragrant grow high, flavor bright alcohol answers pleasant, characteristic of tender Huang Mingliang end the leaf. Determine according to chemistry, the amino acid content of Yong Chuanxiu bud is higher, the ratio of all sorts of catechu element also more appropriate.

character characteristic

Character characteristic: All alone tightens straight fine show, emerald green Xian Run; Endoplasm soup Qing Dynasty is dark green, aroma is fresh and tender and full-bodied, flavor bright alcohol answers pleasant, foliaceous copy is pale green and bright. "Yong Chuanxiu bud " well-known tea contains a lot ofa variety of nutrition component such as tea much phenol, amino acid, get standard of business of company of plain tea tea by Chongqing (Q/CDC 2, 2007) production is machined and become, accord with relevant state level.

top prize

2006, get what limited company produces plain tea tea by Chongqing " get plain card " Yong Chuanxiu bud, show itself in breed of 3000 many well-known tea all over the world, be organized by international authority " world tea federation " judge for " gold prize of international well-known tea " also be this organization judge the product of international gold prize that give first.

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