Organic Sichuan Liangshan RoastedTatary Buckwheat Tea To Lose Weight

Organic Sichuan Liangshan  RoastedTatary Buckwheat Tea To Lose Weight
Organic Sichuan Liangshan  RoastedTatary Buckwheat Tea To Lose Weight Organic Sichuan Liangshan  RoastedTatary Buckwheat Tea To Lose Weight
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Name: Sichuan Liangshan  RoastedTatary Buckwheat Tea

Origin : Sichuan Liangshan,China

Grade : good

Storage : stored in a dry place and no direct sunshine

Tartary buckwheat belongs to the top five Chinese traditional cereals, and is commonly eaten by Asian people. Tartary buckwheat originates from Sichuan province of China. From ancient times, it was frequently eaten by Chinese people to maintain healthy and has a long history of cultivation in south-west parts of China, such as Sichuan, Yunnan province and so on. Besides, Tartarian buckwheat is hardier and more resistant to cold than the more commonly grown buckwheat , so it mainly grows in high mountains of these areas.

Unlike the common buckwheats, the tartary one contains more rutin than the common one, so it is more widely used by people to keep health.
What is Buckwheat?
Contrary to popular belief, buckwheat bears no relation to wheat; it is the seed of a fruit related to rhubarb. The buckwheat plant grows small white flowers and bright green leaves. The groats, or seeds, are used to make buckwheat tea. Buckwheat grows widely throughout Asia and Eastern Europe, and is frequently utilized in the cuisines of these regions. Buckwheat porridge, pilaf, and soba noodles are all alternative ways to consume buckwheat in addition to drinking it as a tea.
Health benefits of tartary buckwheat includes:
Health effects of Rutin (From Wikipedia):
- Rutin inhibits platelet aggregation, making the blood thinner and improves circulation.
- Rutin has anti-inflammatory activity
- Rutin inhibits aldose reductase activity. Aldose reductase is an enzyme normally present in the eye and elsewhere in the body. It helps change glucose (sugar - glucose) into a sugar alcohol called sorbitol.
This tartary buckwheat has been roasted in the Chinese traditional way; full of roasted, pleasing nuttiness and sweetness. After brew the tartary buckwheat, you can still eat the buckwheat as well.
Buckwheat and Appetite
In a 2001 research study carried out by researchers from Slovenia and Sweden, test subjects who consumed buckwheat products, rather than white or wheat bread, showed an increased feeling of satiety, as well as lower blood glucose levels. Research such as this is significant for those trying to lose weight, because it indicates that buckwheat slows down the rate of glucose absorption in the body. Maintaining balanced blood sugar levels for a longer period of time keeps you feeling full. By drinking buckwheat tea before a meal, you may end up eating less and experiencing a higher level of satisfaction.
Brewing guidelines:
1) put around 5-8 grams of buckwheat in the glass filter,
2) pour hot water to rinse the wheat quickly
3)pour the hot water again, and steep the tea for arond 20-30 seconds before sipping
The infusion time can be reached more than 8 times. The infused buckwheat can still be eaten after brewed.


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