North Cordyceps Sinensis*Nourish kidneyMoisten lung

North Cordyceps Sinensis*Nourish kidneyMoisten lung
North Cordyceps Sinensis*Nourish kidneyMoisten lung North Cordyceps Sinensis*Nourish kidneyMoisten lung North Cordyceps Sinensis*Nourish kidneyMoisten lung
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Name:   North Cordyceps/nourish kidney/moisten lung 

Origin :   China

State : Bulk

Grade : Highest quality


North cordyceps, which is short for north cordyceps sinensis, is also called pupa grass. It is manly distributed in Jilin Province, Hebei Province, Shanxi       Province, in China. Its chemical composition, pharmacology and drugeffect are similar to the wild cordyceps sinensis. It is proved by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Pharmaceutical Analysis and Research Room, Shenyang Branch Chemical Testing Center of Chinese Academy of Physical and other authority department that some main nutrients and ingredients, such as cordyceps, cordyceps polysaccharide and protein is more than cordyceps sinensis. According to “National Chinese Herb Compilation”, the fruiting body and worms’ body of north cordyceps can be used as cordyceps sinensis. Therefore, north cordyceps is as the same as wild cordyceps sinensis in the aspects of pharmacology function and clinical results. Modern Medicine research shows that north cordyceps not only contains rich protein( content is 39.37%, 1.8 times than pork, 1.5 times than beef, 1.9 times than mutton.) and amino acids, but also contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements that human body need, among which Phosphorus is 3.5 times more than cordyceps sinensis,  the content of Zinc, copper and iron is 1.8, 2.1, 8.8 times more than the average of 28 tonics, the content of Selenium is equal to astragalus. So , north cordyceps has effects on hypnosis and tranquilizing, benefiting to the liver and kidney, preventing cancer, anti- cancer, hemostasis, reducing phlegm, relieving asthma. It is called Three Tonics with ginseng and antler in Chinese Medicine Treasury. According to the book” Herb Cong Xin”, north cordyceps has the function of protecting the lung, benefiting the kidney, supplying the essence, hemostasis and reducing phlegm. Because cordyceps could go into the lung and kidney, it could not only supply the lung yin, but also supply kidney yang. It is the only Chinese Herb that could balance yin and yang.

Pharmacology and Effect show that:

   Cordyceps acid (Mannitol) can lower the intracranial hypertension obviously, boost metabolism, and relieve brain haemorrhage and cerebral disease.

Cordyceps element is a kind of nucleoside substances which has antibacterial activity, with a strong inhibiting effect on nuclear polyA polymerase. In the process of DNA transforming into mRNA, it could matured the mRNA, and inhibit the cancer cells. At the same time, lower the blood sugar.

Cordyceps polysaccharide is a highly branched galactomannan. It can promote lymphocyte transformation, raise serum lgG antibody levels and improve immune function, enhance the body's own anti-cancer and anti-tumor ability.

SOD (superoxide dismutase) can eliminate the body superoxide radical. It has effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer.


In addition, north cordyceps contains rich selenium, which has been known as the essential trace elements that human body need. It is the activity central of glutathione peroxidase, in the form of selenocysteine connected to enzyme protein peptide to protect the stability and normal cell membrane permeability, and stimulate the immune globulin and antibody production, enhance immune and antioxidant capacity. At the same time, a lot of scientific practice shows that selenium can inhibit of cancer obviously and effectively.

Clinical use shows that north cordyceps’s effect on human body as follows:

  1. It can relieve asthma and cough. And it has a good effect on emphysema, bronchitis.
  2. Tonify Yang and kidney, enhance physical and mental energy, and improve the brain memory.
  3. It can significantly lower blood sugar, urine sugar; significant effect on diabetes.
  4. Lower blood pressure, intracranial pressure and ease hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, coronary heart disease, hand and foot numbness and other symptoms.
  5. Anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, tumor suppressor, can significantly enhance immune function.
  6. Beauty, in particular, quickly eliminates the "Butterfly" spot.

Use methods:

  1. Easy use: let the dried fruiting body of cordyceps soak in the boiled water and drink it.

  Dosage: For health care use, 2-5g everyone daily.

  For treatment use, 15g everyone daily. Drink it for 3-4 times, every time put the dried cordyceps cordyceps in a glass, soak in boild water for 1-2 minutes, and drink it when the liquid turns yellow. After the first drinking, add boiled water again, till the color turns light. Finally, chew the fruiting body of cordyceps.

2.Soak in the wine. 5g north cordyceps, and 750ml wine.

3.Stew with chicken soup

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